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Castle Breckenridge’s Community Promise

Our Customer Experience Promise

Our promise to you at Castle Breckenridge is Better Management • Better Living. What does that mean? It is all about making your management experience a better one that enhances living in one of our managed communities. It starts with who we bring on to our team to serve you, but it also extends to every touchpoint you have with our company.

Better Association Management

Association managers do a lot and are expected to balance a full plate of portfolios on a day to day basis. Better management doesn’t mean that we overload our property managers and expect them to be “yes” people. We deliver better management by offering several resources for our managed properties, their boards, and our community.

Community Resources

We offer these resources as a way to empower our managed communities with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their residents and owners.

Video & Podcast Resource Library for HOA’s

We get that it isn’t always convenient to log in to Facebook in the middle of the day or look through our profile’s feed. That is why we have converted our Facebook Live Stream into episodes in our video library hosted on our website.

If accessing the videos is a problem, we have offered a written version of the episode for you to read when it makes sense for you.

For some of the episodes, there is an audio option for you to stream through an iTunes podcast.

Monthly Facebook Live Stream for HOA & Community Topics

Each month we invite an industry expert in topics that are related to bettering community and association management. The format is a presentation of a specific topic related to homeowner associations (HOAs), common-interest developments, and mobile home communities. The presentation is followed by a Q&A section where we allow our Facebook viewers to engage LIVE and ask their own questions.

Past Topics Include

Monthly Lunch & Learns for HOA Board Members

Our monthly Lunch & Learns cover a full gamut of topics that are relevant to making sustainable business decisions for your community. We have partnered with the leaders in industries to offer our managed communities an opportunity to learn and take back practical solutions to implement at their property.

Our Aim

If you are interested in attending a Lunch & Learn seminar email us at and let us know what topics you are interested in learning about.

Our Staff

Our staff is the greatest resource we offer our managed communities. Our team is hardworking and knowledgeable in their fields. Their expertise works for the interest of their managed communities and helps to grow their efficiency.

The team at Castle Breckenridge has been growing. We have brought on some new team members to help our existing all-stars shine.

David Venegas

Our new RME comes to CBM with over 18 years of experience in the community and property management industry. He holds a General B contractors license.


What does that mean for our managed properties? We can offer full-service maintenance for our properties.

Maintenance Services Offered

Deborah Costello

Our Office Lead, Deborah, has more than 35 years of experience in customer service and operations in large corporations and in the construction industry. At CBM she is responsible for day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Why She Makes CBM Better

Get to know more of our staff members on our team page. We are here for you to deliver our promise of Better Management • Better Living.


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