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Our Plan to Get Through Covid-19

These are uncertain times. First things first, you will be able to continue to use our services without any interruptions. We know how important digital communication is becoming during this pandemic, and we are doing everything in our power to keep things running smoothly. Thankfully, we have (and always have) invested in online technology and software so we are prepared and able to operate remotely as a team.

All your payments are being processed as normal and your bills are being paid timely; financials are being prepared; work requests are being completed; violations are being processed; architectural requests are being approved; board meetings are being held online; and, extra janitorial and maintenance services are being provided as needed.

Our virutal-office hours are the same as our regular business hours: M-TH 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and F 8:30 AM to Noon. Our customer-service team and managers are standing by and ready to assist you. The best way to reach them is by logging into your account by clicking here. We also have after-hours services for emergencies, which you can reach by calling our office at 619.697.3191.

That being said, we know we are in a unique situation, and many organizations are not quite as lucky. Many businesses, schools, and other organizations are quickly pivoting to digital, live-communication platforms in order to continue operating.

Every day brings new developments related to the virus, and we understand that uncertainty can be unsettling. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted. Please rest assured that our top priority is always the safety of our clients, our employees, and our partners. While the doors to our office in La Mesa are closed to walk-in traffic, our office is operating 100% virtually to meet all of your needs.

The key to our virtual success is the timely investments we have made in online tools, such as MGCOne, Homewisedocs, Strongroom, Zultys, and integrated services with Caliber software and Alliance Association Bank. We are the first company in San Diego County to offer MGCOne, and we are the only management company in San Diego County that has mastered these tools and integrated them into a single association-management platform.

We encourage you to remain positive but alert, and to refer to reliable sources of information from health professionals at the following links:

We don’t say it enough and it should not take concerns like these to tell you: THANK YOU for being a valued client. We are optimistic and remain confident we will overcome any temporary effects on our day-to-day lives. Alone and Together we will overcome this pandemic and be stronger than ever.

July 1, 2020 UPDATE: We are now back to working at the office during regular business hours. We have protocols in place to protect employees and customers; however, we encourage you to conduct business online or over the phone. If you prefer to come to our office, please call ahead to make an appointment. Some employees are still working remotely for some of their weekly hours. Thank you.

Castle Breckenridge Property Management Tips

Castle Breckenridge’s Community Promise

Our Customer Experience Promise

Our promise to you at Castle Breckenridge is Better Management • Better Living. What does that mean? It is all about making your management experience a better one that enhances living in one of our managed communities. It starts with who we bring on to our team to serve you, but it also extends to every touchpoint you have with our company.

Better Association Management

Association managers do a lot and are expected to balance a full plate of portfolios on a day to day basis. Better management doesn’t mean that we overload our property managers and expect them to be “yes” people. We deliver better management by offering several resources for our managed properties, their boards, and our community.

Community Resources

  • Video & Podcast Library
  • Monthly Facebook Live Stream
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns
  • Our Staff

We offer these resources as a way to empower our managed communities with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their residents and owners.

Video & Podcast Resource Library for HOA’s

We get that it isn’t always convenient to log in to Facebook in the middle of the day or look through our profile’s feed. That is why we have converted our Facebook Live Stream into episodes in our video library hosted on our website.

If accessing the videos is a problem, we have offered a written version of the episode for you to read when it makes sense for you.

For some of the episodes, there is an audio option for you to stream through an iTunes podcast.

Monthly Facebook Live Stream for HOA & Community Topics

Each month we invite an industry expert in topics that are related to bettering community and association management. The format is a presentation of a specific topic related to homeowner associations (HOAs), common-interest developments, and mobile home communities. The presentation is followed by a Q&A section where we allow our Facebook viewers to engage LIVE and ask their own questions.

Past Topics Include

  • Sustainability – Cool Shade Trees & Arboricultural Law
  • Sustainability – Smart Irrigation
  • Sustainability – Update on California’s Drought
  • Sustainability – Water Conservation
  • Legal – Requirements for HOA’s related to Solar Systems
  • Legal – Law Updates That Affect Common Interest Developments
  • Legal – Management Structures & Laws That Affect Manufactured Housing Ownership
  • Legal – Vendor Contracts
  • Legal – Short-Term Rental Restrictions

Monthly Lunch & Learns for HOA Board Members

Our monthly Lunch & Learns cover a full gamut of topics that are relevant to making sustainable business decisions for your community. We have partnered with the leaders in industries to offer our managed communities an opportunity to learn and take back practical solutions to implement at their property.

Our Aim

  • Maximize Budgets & Increase Property Value
  • Offer Cost Saving Solutions
  • Create Value for Community Members
  • Educate Community About Sustainable Practices

If you are interested in attending a Lunch & Learn seminar email us at and let us know what topics you are interested in learning about.

Our Staff

Our staff is the greatest resource we offer our managed communities. Our team is hardworking and knowledgeable in their fields. Their expertise works for the interest of their managed communities and helps to grow their efficiency.

The team at Castle Breckenridge has been growing. We have brought on some new team members to help our existing all-stars shine.

David Venegas

Our new RME comes to CBM with over 18 years of experience in the community and property management industry. He holds a General B contractors license.


  • Unit rehabs
  • Exterior capital projects

What does that mean for our managed properties? We can offer full-service maintenance for our properties.

Maintenance Services Offered

  • Fence repairs
  • Gutters
  • Stucco patching
  • Concrete
  • Fascia repair
  • Remodeling services
  • …and more!

Deborah Costello

Our Office Lead, Deborah, has more than 35 years of experience in customer service and operations in large corporations and in the construction industry. At CBM she is responsible for day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Why She Makes CBM Better

  • Coordinates with Association Managers and makes sure they have what they need
  • Coordinates all maintenance work orders with the RME
  • Tracks progress of maintenance jobs to keep responsible parties in the know.

Get to know more of our staff members on our team page. We are here for you to deliver our promise of Better Management • Better Living.


Castle Breckenridge

Expanding to Serve You: Meet Our New C.O.O.

Castle Breckenridge is expanding to serve you and deliver on the promise that better management leads to better living for our communities. We have grown our team and are excited to bring fresh ideas, expanded service offerings and to keep you afoot on the topics that will ultimately help your communities succeed.

We can’t do any of this without our amazing team at Castle Breckenridge. We are pleased to introduce our new Chief Operations Officer, John Cosby. We have full confidence that he will bring his experience to CBM to drive efficiency, innovation in management and open more opportunities for CBM and its community members.

CBM is dedicated to bring better management and better living to its properties and we are expanding to serve you.


John Cosby: CBM’s New Change Maker

John Cosby, COO

John C. Cosby, MBA  Rotary 4-WAY TEST

John is a seasoned and innovative chief operations executive with extensive experience in leading individuals and processes to profitable outcomes through innovative problem solving, team building and driving efficient workflows.

John problem solves through inviting impacted parties to innovate past current norms to the agreements that benefit all concerned. John is a dynamic team builder, who charts paths through complex interrelated people and processes to create functioning systems that facilitate teamwork and produce agreed upon deliverables.

As an executive leadership and operations coach, John generates reasonable and actionable business solutions that connect people throughout the workflow processes. These processes create functioning systems that facilitate interoffice communications. Through this team building, teams are able meet goals on time.

John comes to Castle Breckenridge with an extensive network, and a mind for developing win-win business opportunities.

He currently lives in Tijuana, holds 2 Masters Degrees, and is bilingual and bicultural.


The Importance of an HOA Attorney

When is it appropriate to use an attorney, and how often? Let’s start with the obvious:

  1. When the board is engaged in a legal dispute
  2. When a lawsuit has been brought against the association or the board
  3. When the association brings a lawsuit against an individual or company

What do all of the above items have in common? They all represent conflict between the association and others. In my humble opinion, the greatest role of an attorney is to create a path for the association to avoid these conflicts in the first place.

Often, financial concerns delay consulting legal counsel but I would argue the scenarios above could have been avoided if legal advice was sought sooner. Notice the key word here: legal advice. Boards should approach legal representation from the standpoint of conflict avoidance, with the understanding that should a conflict arise they will be better situated to justify their position and succeed in court.

Find a Balance

The most effective boards find a balance between when to seek legal advice and when not to. Legal should not be used to manage the day-to-day operations of an HOA. However, legal should always be brought in to review contracts because when a contract is presented, it always favors the presenting party.

The primary purpose of the HOA attorney is to protect the interest of its client. Their eagle eyes can quickly single out any provisions in the contract that could have a negative impact. A reputable attorney will also identify protections that are missing from the contract.

How Attorneys Help

Attorneys also help to prevent conflict by ensuring that HOAs have and are utilizing the legal interpretation of their governing documents. Most HOA documents are old and confusing, with provisions that have been prohibited or invalidated by statute. Boards should seek a legal opinion on the application of these areas of concern within the documents themselves.

For example, can a board remove an elected member? (And if so, under what circumstances?) The answer varies depending upon the documents and legal statues. The same goes for areas of responsibility, such as who is responsible for maintenance of an area and if maintenance includes repair and replacement.

An attorney should be able to answer questions like these to help the board make an appropriate decision. Remember, the name of the game is conflict avoidance. The board should not be afraid to use an attorney and should not use cost as the benchmark. After all, good attorney will save the association a lot of time and money in the long run.

-by Harold Palmer

As a senior HOA manager with more than 14 years in the field, it’s been my experience that boards should clearly define when to seek legal services (including legal opinions) to solve or avoid a dispute. Sometimes, board members rely too heavily upon their past experience or personal opinions. These factors shouldn’t be discounted or ignored; however, they will not hold up in a court of law. Managers can also be a great resource and a good manager will offer their professional opinion based on past experience in similar situations, but they should always remind the board to consult their legal counsel.


Sick Benefits Start July 1st 2015

All employers in the state of California must provide a minimum of 3 days paid sick leave to all employees, regardless of whether they are full or part time, starting July 1st 2015. The law affects both private and public employees. Unlike many other employment laws, there is no exemption for small businesses.

Who Is Covered?

All employees that have worked in California for 30 or more days within a year from the beginning of his/her employment will be entitled to paid sick days under the Act. Employees that are not covered by the new law are as follows:

  • Employees covered by a union contract that specifically provides paid sick leave
  • Construction employees covered by a valid union contract
  • State provides of in-home supportive services
  • Certain air carrier employees

How is Paid Sick Leave Calculated?

There are a couple ways to calculate the paid sick leave accrual. Employers can choose to allow employees to earn one hour of sick pay for every 30 hours worked, or choose to provide the full amount of leave (24 hours or three days) to the employee at the beginning of each year under an employer policy. With the first option, employees can carry over unused sick days to the next year. If employers choose to provide employees with the “lump-sum” (three days) at the beginning of the year, then the employee will not be able to carry over unused sick days.

What if I Already Have A Policy?

If the employer already has a paid time off or paid leave policy in place that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of this Act, then they are not required to provide additional paid sick days.

What Happens When An Employee Leaves?

Good news, unlike unused vacation, sick leave under this Act does not need to be paid out and the end of employment.


Customers of CBM, please give us a call if you have any questions.

There are a few exceptions to the law and additional regulations that should be read over before this Act becomes effective on July 1st 2015. For more information on these and other details please visit

Castle Breckenridge

Castle Breckenridge Management Raises $1500 for Together4Hope

CBM Raises $1,500

On Saturday, September 27th, the team at CastleBreckenridge Management participated in Together4Hope, a 5k walk to support cancer research. We arrived at 7:30am to DeAnza Cove where we met fellow walkers and our CBM teammates. There was a great turn out and everyone was excited to get moving!

We were led in a group stretch and light aerobics, and then we were off! 45 minutes later, we crossed the finish line to sweet victory. Even better than the early morning exercise was meeting our team fundraising goal of $1500!Proceeds go to City of Hope, an organization dedicated to cancer research,treatment, and education. Their objective is to ensure that people all over the world are able to live long, fulfilling lives, free of life-threatening diseases.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us on Saturday and those who donated to Team CBM. It’s an incredible feeling to support this worthy cause and we couldn’t have done it without your help!


-CBM Team