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Should an HOA invest in smart technology for irrigation?

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Should an HOA invest in smart technology for irrigation?

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Advances in smart home technology provide convenience while at the same time saving you money and helping the environment.  This technology is especially useful when it comes to landscaping and green spaces. Part of the growing Internet of Things (IoT) that connect devices to the internet, systems such as Smart Irrigation Controllers can help the landscaping in your HOA healthy and thriving.

How Smart Irrigation Works

By using weather and soil information, Smart Irrigation Controllers know when to irrigate and how much water to apply. Some controllers use weather satellites while others use sensors to sample the air temperature and humidity. Smart Irrigation systems are so smart, they know, for example, to turn off the sprinklers when it is raining.

Gone are the days of guessing how much water is enough water, or of forgetting to water at all. You don’t have to be a soil scientist or meteorologist either. Smart Irrigation controllers automatically maintain watering and irrigation schedules, allowing you to relax and to enjoy the benefits.

Healthy lawns and well-maintained landscaping within an HOA are a source of pride for members and an attractive feature for prospective buyers. Integrating features like smart irrigation controllers are a wise investment for HOAs and just part of how the IoT and Smart Home Technology are changing the way we live.

Conserve Water and Save Money

Research by the Irrigation Association proved that Smart Irrigation Controllers save up to 30 percent more water than traditional controllers—important data considering that two-thirds of residential water use happens outdoors. More importantly, most of the outdoor water use is wasted by over-watering lawns, trees, plants, and flowers.

In addition to conserving water, Smart Irrigation Controllers:

  • Help associations save money on water bills for common areas
  • Prevent water damage caused by over-watering
  • Increases member satisfaction and reduces member complaints

In addition to water damage, over-watering can lead to fungal issues in plants and insect problems. Investing in a Smart Irrigation Controller for your HOA is a win-win for the environment and your members. For the best results, be sure to hire a professional landscaper to install the system so that it is set up properly for your landscape needs.

About Castle Breckenridge Management

When it comes to professional association management, our team understands how the IoT and smart home technology are changing how HOAs operate. It is our mission to find provide the latest innovative solutions, like that of Smart Irrigation Systems, for our clients.

In addition to association management for condominiums, planned-unit developments, townhomaes, and mobile homes, we provide on-site management and maintenance services for clients. Our highly experienced staff helps association boards in a variety of ways, from maintaining budgets to building a strong sense of community.

We recognize that board members are volunteers who have work and family responsibilities. At Castle Breckenridge, we ease the load and provide peace-of-mind that most association boards find refreshing.

Implementing the right smart home technology that best benefits the needs of your association is important. Our team can help you decide what is worth the investment of time and money and what is not. Navigating the ever-changing technology landscape is overwhelming and that’s where we can help.

To learn more about Castle Breckenridge and the services we offer, contact us. Simply complete the online proposal form. A friendly team member will contact you to learn more about your association and how Castle Breckenridge can help it achieve the best success possible.

The IoT and smart-home technology are changing the way associations operate and it’s important for HOAs to stay relevant and engaged. We can help—reach out to Castle Breckenridge today.

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