FB Live Summary: Legislation & Hot Topics with Jon Epsten

Hot Topics with Jon Epsten Some legislation concerning Associations have changed in the state of California; as an association manager it is important to stay up-to-date and understand the current legislation affecting the properties you manage. Jon Epsten shared what the hot topics are surrounding new laws and took time to discuss what they mean […]

FB Live Summary: Short Term Rental Restrictions

Takeaways from our conversation with Laurie Poole regarding short-term rentals. Regulating Short-term Rentals- Laurie Poole Short-term rentals have become a big business allowing many people to supplement their income or quit a job altogether. It may be a positive for the homeowner, but for HOA communities it has begun to plague neighbors and the association […]

Rainwater Collection & Water Storage System

Collecting Rainwater for HOAs With the California statewide drought and a general increase in environmental awareness, HOAs and association managers are turning to creative and modern solutions such as rain barrels and water collection systems to adapt to new regulations and better serve their communities. Implementing water storage systems has a number of important benefits […]