FB Live Summary: Vendor Contracts with Joel Kriger

Vendor Contracts: How HOA’s Can Protect Themselves  Summary from our Facebook Live conversation with Joel Kriger The easiest way that HOA’s can protect themselves from the issues with vendor contracts is to start by examining the contract during its formation. Before entering into a contract with a vendor, whether it is for a one-time project […]

FB Live Summary: Legislation & Hot Topics with Jon Epsten

Hot Topics with Jon Epsten Some legislation concerning Associations have changed in the state of California; as an association manager it is important to stay up-to-date and understand the current legislation affecting the properties you manage. Jon Epsten shared what the hot topics are surrounding new laws and took time to discuss what they mean […]

FB Live Summary: Short Term Rental Restrictions

Takeaways from our conversation with Laurie Poole regarding short-term rentals. Regulating Short-term Rentals- Laurie Poole Short-term rentals have become a big business allowing many people to supplement their income or quit a job altogether. It may be a positive for the homeowner, but for HOA communities it has begun to plague neighbors and the association […]

Case Study: Sunburst HOA – Rain Harvest System

  Scenario Sunburst Homeowners Association, a property managed by Castle Breckenridge Management (CBM), faced a challenge in finding a solution to flooding in an area of the apartment complex. The raised platform located in between the property’s buildings would flood and dump water at the foot of the buildings, affecting 10-15 units with water issues […]

Rainwater Collection & Water Storage System

With the California statewide drought and a general increase in environmental awareness, HOAs and property managers are turning to creative and modern solutions such as rain barrels and water collection systems to adapt to new regulations and better serve their communities. Implementing water storage systems has a number of important benefits for homes and properties. […]

FB Live Summary: Solar Rights with Bradley Schuber

Summary of our Facebook Live conversation with Bradley Schuber of Kriger Law Firm Restrictions on Solar Energy Systems in Common Interest Developments: A Summary In California there is a big push for solar energy and will likely see an increase in the state’s use of solar energy systems in the near future; California’s seemingly unlimited […]

Smart Irrigation: A New Way To Save Money and Water

California’s water supply is drastically decreasing faster than it ever has before. The current dry weather patterns have put the state in its most severe drought in history. As residents of the state, there are many things homeowners can do to reduce their water consumption. The largest change homeowner’s can make to conserve water is […]