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Smart Irrigation: A New Way To Save Money and Water

California’s water supply is drastically decreasing faster than it ever has before. The current dry weather patterns have put the state in its most severe drought in history. As residents of the state, there are many things homeowners can do to reduce their water consumption. The largest change homeowner’s can make to conserve water is decreasing the amount of water used on outdoor landscaping. New irrigation techniques have been developed that allow homeowners to keep their green, lush lawn while still reducing their overall consumption of water.

Smart Irrigation Control systems are a new breakthrough in irrigation technology, and provide a great way to save water in sunnier areas like San Diego. The Smart Controller is an efficient system that uses an installed sensor to determine the sprinkler run time based on local weather conditions. More specifically, the sensor measures solar radiation and temperatures. It also has the ability to access online weather data. This smart controller can save homeowners anywhere from 30%-70% in overall water usage as well as reduce water bills.

Another innovative home irrigation technique is using reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is former wastewater that has been treated to standards that allow for safe reuse. It’s a great method for sustainable landscaping irrigation and is safe for most uses except human consumption. Reclaimed water costs less than most other water sources, and even reduces the need for fertilizers, as some nutrients remain in the water.

Castle Breckenridge has worked with Pacific Green Landscape and the Westview Neighborhood Homeowners Association in installing both reclaimed water systems and Smart Controller Irrigation systems. The overall results seen were astounding. Westview HOA was able to cut their water costs in half and reduce their water consumption by about 40%. These great savings allowed the HOA to replace older landscape with water-friendly plants without raising monthly homeowner’s dues. You can find out more about this successful project at:

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