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Marquis Huntsman, Castle Breckenridge - CFO
Marquis Huntsman, CFO

Our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has more than 20 years of experience in the community and property-management industry. He holds a Certificate of Management Accounting from the Institute of Management Accounting and graduated from San Diego State University before passing the CPA exam in 1997. At Castle Breckenridge Management, we understand your accounting needs and have designed internal controls to give you piece of mind that your money is safe, insured, and accurately reconciled.

We provide monthly financial statements for all members and keep detailed records of all transactions. No funds are released to pay invoices until the board reviews and approves them. We can provide as much control as you want, or, as some boards prefer, we can pay the invoices when received and the board can review them in the monthly-financial package. We can customize a solution that fits all of your needs.

On the billing side, we send electronic statements to all residents and payments can easily be made online without any additional fees, or residents have the option to sign up for automatic deduction for their account on the 10th of every month. Our accounting system is transparent, and you will be able to follow the cash flow and get the answers you seek. You can micromanage or sit back and review the activity on a monthly basis. 

We can handle all your banking needs and establish and maintain your Operating and Reserve accounts.

We coordinate all your collections activities with your attorney and provide full access to real-time activity.

We coordinate with the Reserve Study specialist to provide the information necessary to prepare your Reserve Studies.

We file all your annual and bi-annual tax forms as required by governmental agencies.

We coordinate with the CPA and provide access to transactions using our secure accountant portal to facilitate annual audits and reviews. 

Here is what one CPA said about us and our accounting system:

“With my 22 years experience in the CIRA industry, I have found the accounting systems at Castle to be among the best in the industry. The design of their accounting systems coupled with the skill, knowledge and experience of their personnel and the proper oversight of boards’ of directors ensures proper fund accounting and financial reporting.”

  • Mike J. Ferrara, CPA

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