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We have been providing solutions to community associations in San Diego County since 1991. Castle Breckenridge is committed to providing Better Management for Better Living by delivering sustainable and smart solutions for Homeowner Associations (HOA’s), Condominiums, Townhomes, Mobile Homes, and Industrial Parks.

About Us

Castle Breckenridge Management is an HOA Management Company that services communities throughout Southern California.

HOA Sustainability

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We are pleased to announce the installation of a payment drop box at our headquarters located at 5185 Comanche Drive in La Mesa. The drop box is located on the back door of our building which is accessed from our parking lot.

We hope this will add a convenience many will appreciate.

Better Management • Better Living

How do we build a better San Diego through HOA Management?


We are a respected source of industry knowledge and experience. Castle Breckenridge shares its expertise through continuing-education programs and monthly Facebook-Live Streaming events with industry experts as our guests.


HOA Management is not a one size fits all approach. We guide your Board of Directors step-by-step and provide resources to embark on projects that make sense for everyone. We can design a solution that is right for your community. 


With over 29 years experience and more than 90 properties managed in San Diego County, Castle Breckenridge has a team of experts that is right for any kind of property. Request a proposal now

Our Services

HOA Management Services

Our certified managers specialize in a range HOA Management Services, including homeowner association, condominiums, mobile homes, industrial parks, commercial properties, and retirement communities; we provide association governance, maintenance, accounting, and other on-site services.

Community Building

Our certified managers are equipped with tools to build community, including industry training and continuing-education programs, regular maintenance services, management of community-improvement projects, and more to make Better Living accessible to all members of your community.

Sustainability Services

Castle Breckenridge partners with San Diego’s leading sustainability contractors to provide communities with solutions that benefit all concerned parties. From solar panels for communities, xeriscaping for properties, or water-saving practices, Castle Breckenridge can help bring your properties to a new green standard. 

Information Technology Services

We provide our communities with technology infrastructure, offer hardware and software solutions, and will manage technical projects that are vital to running an efficient community-management process. Castle Breckenridge also offers disaster recovery and backup services to its clients and communities.

To learn more about the services we offer and to view a detailed list of these services, visit our services page.

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We specialize in a broad range of community-association management services for homeowner associations, condominiums, town-homes, mobile-home parks, commercial properties, and industrial complexes.