Covid-19 Plan - Online Solutions for Association Management

Our Plan to Get Through Covid-19

Our Team

These are uncertain times. First things first, you will be able to continue to use our services without any interruptions. We know how important digital communication is becoming during this pandemic, and we are doing everything in our power to keep things running smoothly. Thankfully, we have (and always have) invested in online technology and software so we are prepared and able to operate remotely as a team.

All your payments are being processed as normal and your bills are being paid timely; financials are being prepared; work requests are being completed; violations are being processed; architectural requests are being approved; board meetings are being held online; and, extra janitorial and maintenance services are being provided as needed.

Our virutal-office hours are the same as our regular business hours: M-TH 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and F 8:30 AM to Noon. Our customer-service team and managers are standing by and ready to assist you. The best way to reach them is by logging into your account by clicking here. We also have after-hours services for emergencies, which you can reach by calling our office at 619.697.3191.

That being said, we know we are in a unique situation, and many organizations are not quite as lucky. Many businesses, schools, and other organizations are quickly pivoting to digital, live-communication platforms in order to continue operating.

Every day brings new developments related to the virus, and we understand that uncertainty can be unsettling. Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted. Please rest assured that our top priority is always the safety of our clients, our employees, and our partners. While the doors to our office in La Mesa are closed to walk-in traffic, our office is operating 100% virtually to meet all of your needs.

The key to our virtual success is the timely investments we have made in online tools, such as MGCOne, Homewisedocs, Strongroom, Zultys, and integrated services with Caliber software and Alliance Association Bank. We are the first company in San Diego County to offer MGCOne, and we are the only management company in San Diego County that has mastered these tools and integrated them into a single association-management platform.

We encourage you to remain positive but alert, and to refer to reliable sources of information from health professionals at the following links:

We don’t say it enough and it should not take concerns like these to tell you: THANK YOU for being a valued client. We are optimistic and remain confident we will overcome any temporary effects on our day-to-day lives. Alone and Together we will overcome this pandemic and be stronger than ever.

July 1, 2020 UPDATE: We are now back to working at the office during regular business hours. We have protocols in place to protect employees and customers; however, we encourage you to conduct business online or over the phone. If you prefer to come to our office, please call ahead to make an appointment. Some employees are still working remotely for some of their weekly hours. Thank you.

July 1, 2021 UPDATE: Our office is open during regular business hours. We have protocols in place to protect employees and customers and appointments are not required to visit our office; however, a mask is required to be worn inside our office. Some employees are still working remotely for some of their weekly hours, but our customer-service team is available to assist you. Thank you.

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