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Contact us for a FREE management proposal (619)


CBM is committed to providing its communities with solutions that are both sustainable for the environment and smart for the association’s bottom line. Through our continued efforts and strategic partnerships with San Diego’s sustainability leaders, we create more opportunities for better living.

Perks of Sustainability

Cost Savings

Save money by decreasing the property’s dependency on local utility service providers. A decrease in dependency means a decrease in your utility bills every month.

Property Value

Increase the real estate value of your property by installing energy efficient and water saving solutions around the community. Property appraisers have seen a trend in implementing sustainable solutions that could increase your property value anywhere from 3-7%.

Carbon Footprint

Reduce the property’s carbon footprint while you decrease the community’s dependency on fossil fuels and other natural resources.

Decrease Impact

Create drought-conscious properties that not only help save on costs but reduces the property’s impact on local droughts and protect the property from strict water allowances per property.

Castle Breckenridge Management, sustainability practices - rain harvest barrels
Castle Breckenridge, Sustainable Practices - Solar Energy

Services Offered

Sustainability Services & Solutions Through CBM

CBM offers an array of sustainability solutions for properties we manage. Through our partnerships with San Diego’s leaders in sustainability, we can create greater efficiency and cost savings for San Diego’s communities.

Energy Solutions100%
Water Solutions100%
Recycling Services100%

Our Sustainability Partners