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Our Plan to Get Through Covid-19

These are uncertain times. First things first, you will be able to continue to use our services without any interruptions. We know how important digital communication is becoming during this pandemic, and we are doing everything in our power to keep things running smoothly. Thankfully, we have (and always have) invested in online technology and […]

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FB Live Summary: Laws on Solar Panel Placement and Car Charging Stations with Joel Kriger

Summary from our Facebook Live conversation with Joel Kriger regarding recent changes in the law affecting solar panel placement and car charging stations Solar Panel Placement With 30% solar tax credit benefits to consumers currently in full force ending after 2019, and beginning to decrease in benefit thereafter, HOA’s have dealt with more and more […]

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FB Live Summary: Restating HOA Governing Documents with Laurie Poole

Restating HOA Governing Documents Effective CC&Rs and HOA bylaws are essential to running an efficient community, but when it comes to changing the governing documents to better serve an association and its members what is the better solution? Restating the governing documents or amending the existing ones? Why Restate Governing Documents? If the governing documents […]

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A Case Study in Property Management Ethics

A recent change in ownership of two apartment communities within a master association, comprised of four PUDs and the two apartment communities, provoked a question from the potential buyer during escrow: “Where else besides the By-Laws might the Governing Documents give definition to proportional control of the master association?” Thinking this was an odd question, […]

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FB Live Summary : Mobile Home Ownership Structure & Laws with Sue Loftin

Takeaways from our Facebook Live conversation regarding Mobile Home Management & Ownership Structures and Applicable Laws with Sue Loftin of The Loftin Firm, P.C. 3 Types of Mobile Home Ownership Structure: Rental Mobile Home Parks/Investor-Owned Investors own mobile home park and they rent the space to individuals who own the mobile home Third-Party Non-Profit Misunderstanding: […]

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FB Live Summary: Sustainability Tips with Mike Regan

Takeaways from our conversation with Mike Regan from Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. Property managers in Southern California have many things to consider when planning for water management through landscape on their properties; two topics that are most commonly considered in our region are drought and fire. Finding landscape and irrigation systems that are water-wise, energy […]

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