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Contact us for a FREE management proposal (619)


Expanding to Serve You: Meet Our New C.O.O.

Castle Breckenridge is expanding to serve you and deliver on the promise that better management leads to better living for our communities. We have grown our team and are excited to bring fresh ideas, expanded service offerings and to keep you afoot on the topics that will ultimately help your communities succeed. We can’t do […]

A Case Study in Property Management Ethics

A recent change in ownership of two apartment communities within a master association, comprised of four PUDs and the two apartment communities, provoked a question from the potential buyer during escrow: “Where else besides the By-Laws might the Governing Documents give definition to proportional control of the master association?” Thinking this was an odd question, […]

The Benefits of Community Newsletters for HOAs

Communication is essential for the harmony of a successful community. One of the best tools for communication between the board and homeowners is a community newsletter because it is an effective way to keep homeowners informed who are unable to participate in monthly meetings. Organizing and creating a community newsletter may seem like a daunting […]

FB Live Summary : Mobile Home Ownership Structure & Laws with Sue Loftin

Takeaways from our Facebook Live conversation regarding Mobile Home Management & Ownership Structures and Applicable Laws with Sue Loftin of The Loftin Firm, P.C. 3 Types of Mobile Home Ownership Structure: Rental Mobile Home Parks/Investor-Owned Investors own mobile home park and they rent the space to individuals who own the mobile home Third-Party Non-Profit Misunderstanding: […]

FB Live Summary: Sustainability Tips with Mike Regan

Takeaways from our conversation with Mike Regan from Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. Property managers in Southern California have many things to consider when planning for water management through landscape on their properties; two topics that are most commonly considered in our region are drought and fire. Finding landscape and irrigation systems that are water-wise, energy […]

HOA Board of Directors Do’s and Don’ts

According to Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), 90% of new communities built in California in the last 10 years were incorporated into a Condominium or Planned Unit Development. The 1970 CAI Statistical Review indicates there were only 10,000 HOA communities in U.S. but by 2015 that number ballooned to 388,000. In the years to […]

FB Live Summary: Vendor Contracts with Joel Kriger

Vendor Contracts: How HOA’s Can Protect Themselves  Summary from our Facebook Live conversation with Joel Kriger The easiest way that HOA’s can protect themselves from the issues with vendor contracts is to start by examining the contract during its formation. Before entering into a contract with a vendor, whether it is for a one-time project […]

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb

As an Association Manager, part of the job is being able to present a Devil’s Advocate view to the Board Members; to allow them to see all options, not just the best recommended option. The California Association of Community Managers (CACM) had a luncheon and invited Joey Bosworth of Airbnb as a Guest Speaker. As […]