Our Team

CBM Staff

With over 35 years of experience in community management, Castle Breckenridge is committed to providing sustainable solutions and management services to communities in San Diego, CA.
John Kalas, Castle Breckenridge - CEO
John T. Kalas, CACM
Chief Executive Officer
John Cosby, Castle Breckenridge COO
John C. Cosby, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Marquis Huntsman, Castle Breckenridge - CFO
Marquis W. Huntsman, CMA
Chief Financial Officer
Team Leads
Valerie Kalas, Castle Breckenridge - Corporate Image Director
Valerie Kalas
Corporate Image Lead
Debbie Costello, Castle Breckenridge - Admin Coordinator
Deborah Costello
Office Lead
Harold Palmer, Castle Breckenridge - HOA portfolio manager
Harold Palmer
CACM, HOA Division Lead
Debra Dailey, Castle Breckenridge - Mobile Home/Manufactured Housing Community Lead
Debra Dailey
CCAM, CMCA, AMS, MCM, Notary Public
Division Lead
Mobile Home/Manufactured Housing
Large Scale Communities
David Venegas - RME - Castle Breckenridge Management
David Venegas
RME - Responsible Managing Employee
Angelina Cabrera, Castle Breckenridge - Accounting Clerk
Angelina Cabrera
Executive Assistant to CFO
Portfolio Managers
Jo Ann Willey, Castle Breckenridge - Portfolio Manager
Jo Ann Willey
Portfolio Manager
Julie Howell, Castle Breckenridge - Portfolio Manager
Julie Howell
CMCA, Portfolio Manager
Therese Chrzan, Castle Breckenridge - Portfolio Manager
Therese Chrzan
CCAM, Portfolio Manager
Ashley Flores, Castle Breckenridge - Portfolio Manager
Ashley Flores
CCAM, Portfolio Manager
Chris Constantinou, Castle Breckenridge - Portfolio Manager
Chris Constantinou
Portfolio Manager
Janet Felix
CCAM, Portfolio Manager
Larry Perna
Portfolio Manager
Tony Sotomayor
Managerial Assistant
Jennifer Tisone
Managerial Assistant
Rosa Santana
Managerial Assistant
Jorge Nunez
Portfolio Manager
Daria Ivantey
Senior Accountant
Ricardo Felix, Castle Breckenridge - Accounting
Ricardo Felix
Escrow Specialist
Rebecca Williams, Castle Breckenridge - Accounting
Rebecca Williams
Accounts Payable Specialist
Amy Sov
Accounting Clerk
Administrative Support
Maria Stokes
Administrative Assistant
Sabrina Vega
Executive Assistant to CEO
Robyn Myers, Castle Breckenridge - Auditor
Robyn Myers
Data Specialist
Erick Albino
Tier-1 Customer Support
Janessa Tupas
Tier-2 Customer Support
Nancy Crespo
Executive Assistant to CEO
Fausto Gumpad, Castle Breckenridge - Maintenance
Fausto Gumpad
Fredy Remirez, Castle Breckenridge - Maintenance
Fredy Ramirez
Hilaria Ruiz, Castle Breckenridge - Maintenance
Hilaria Ruiz
Jorge Arce, Castle Breckenridge - Maintenance
Jorge Arce
Jose Gonzalez, Castle Breckenridge - Maintenance
Jose Gonzalez
Martin Moran, Castle Breckenridge - Maintenance
Martin Moran