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What are the signs it might be time to search for new HOA management?

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What are the signs it might be time to search for new HOA management?

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There are several significant issues that HOA board members usually encounter when dealing with a sub-par HOA management company.

Poor communication is one factor that weakens the relationship between an HOA and their management company. We hear from HOAs all the time who say their community manager fails to return their phone calls or reply to their emails quickly. They leave a message for the community manager, but it takes several days for them to respond, if they respond at all. Homeowners and vendors have the same experience. When it comes to the management of a homeowner’s association, communication is key. A quality management company will always strive to keep an open line of communication with its clients.

In some cases, the HOA’s community manager fails to complete projects. Whether the board has asked for a street light to be replaced, a water leak to be investigated, or bids from a new landscaper, it seems the community manager is continually putting off projects. The board ends up feeling stuck as they repeatedly bring up these concerns without making any progress.

Another common complaint we hear from board members about their HOA management company is that compliance drives or walks aren’t being done consistently, violation letters are being sent to the wrong homes, or the management company isn’t handling compliance in the way that the board has asked.

Additionally, we often hear from board members that they can’t access the HOA’s financial reports online and on demand. We hear from boards that are getting incomplete financial documents; some boards request these reports and never receive them.

If these signs are familiar to you, we invite you to submit a proposal request to Castle Breckenridge Management. We have the technology, people, expertise, and infrastructure in place to provide you with the quality services you expect.

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