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What is My Green Condo?

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What is My Green Condo?

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My Green Condo Inc is an online property management service provider offering a new platform “MGCOne” for conducting Association business. The MGCOne platform will feature comprehensive functions (including mobile applications) that will assist the Association in improving communication, transparency and efficiency within the community.

Our goal is to eliminate manual paperwork and promote a green environment. Every owner and tenant has their own dedicated portal with a secured login, to manage all Association matters online.

There are multiple functions offered on the platform but here are some noteworthy functions:

  1. Communication – Association manager will be able to send community wide e-mail broadcasts of important information (possibly text & voice in the future) to residents
  2. Work Order – Owners will be able to report work requests 24 x 7 and have an email notification sent immediately to the Association Manager. When updates are made on the status, Owners will receive an immediate email notification.
  3. Architectural Modification – Owners will be able to make requests for architectural and landscape modifications and have the Board and Association Manager review and approve online.
  4. Dedicated email addresses – Our community has a dedicated email address for Board Members and the Association Manager. This will ease the communication process as you will only need to use these two email addresses to take care of all activities.
  5. Library – Owners will be able to access the Association’s Governing Documents, Newsletters and other documents online.
  6. Contact details – Owners will be able to update their contact information and keep it current. Owners will also be able to add co-resident’s information along with pets, vehicles and other information that will be used by the Management Company to conduct the Association’s operations in an efficient manner.
  7. Surveys – The Association Manager and Board can conduct online surveys to seek residents’ input on important decisions…and, much more…

Please log into My Green Condo when you get your user id/password and validate your details or make any changes if required.

You will find that the portal is extremely user friendly.

We continue to look for ways to improve our current level of service and sincerely appreciate your support.

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