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What factors should an HOA consider when planning xeriscaping?

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What factors should an HOA consider when planning xeriscaping?

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Xeriscaping Factors

Creating and maintaining outdoor living spaces for an entire neighborhood can be tough. These natural spaces need to be inviting for a wide range of homeowners and their families, and they need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Not only do these shared spaces need to be beautiful but they should also be easy to care for and maintain well into the future. Xeriscaping is a landscaping trend that’s becoming quite popular to create modern looking neighborhood areas. It’s an excellent way to upgrade the overall look of your landscape while reducing your business costs. Learn more about xeriscaping: the perfect way to manage shared natural spaces on your property.

Native Surroundings

Xeriscaping involves the use of native plants that appear naturally in your area. These plants will be easy to spot all around your community in both cultivated gardens and wooded and unmanaged areas. Using native plants helps blend the landscaping of your neighborhood in with its surroundings. It creates a natural flow throughout the community since these plants are common in many areas around town. Native plants also help support the environment as natural food sources for California pollinators  like butterflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees. Creating a native xeriscape to encourage these frequent fliers to stop by will also encourage homeowners to get outdoors more often and participate in your communities activities.

Less Water Consumption

Native plants also require much less water than other cultivated plants, so irrigating these shared spaces is cheaper. That may be why so many succulents are common on walkways. Reducing your water bill is another reason to consider xeriscaping your shared common areas.

Decreased Maintenance

Native plants and succulents need little care so you won’t be spending much on landscaping services. Xeriscaping also cuts down on lawn size, saving you even more, time and money maintaining those common green areas throughout the year.

Modern Trend

Updating your exterior amenities adds curb appeal to the entire neighborhood. Xeriscaping can help give your community a trendy look that’s well-manicured. Whether you use rocks, stone, bark dust or red mulch to outline the trim and pathways, your community maintains its neat appearance year-round.

There are plenty of reasons to update your HOA property to a xeriscape. This new trend will modernize the look of your neighborhood, provide the benefits of native plants and save homeowners and board members money in the long-run. That’s why xeriscaping is the perfect way to manage shared natural spaces.

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