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Rainwater Collection & Water Storage System

Collecting Rainwater for HOAs

With the California statewide drought and a general increase in environmental awareness, HOAs and association managers are turning to creative and modern solutions such as rain barrels and water collection systems to adapt to new regulations and better serve their communities. Implementing water storage systems has a number of important benefits for homes and properties.

Rainwater Collection Benefits
Rainwater Collection Benefits


Recycle & Reuse Water

First and foremost, collected rainwater can be recycled and reused to cut water costs by reducing a property’s potable water consumption. Planning how collected water will be used is important when considering a storage system. For example, a three-phase electric motor component can be implemented to adjust water pressure based on use across a property. Filtration systems can filter sediment and debris to ensure outgoing water is clean.

Move Water Off Property

Water collection systems can also help facilitate the flow of water off property to prevent flooding from overflow. Storage tanks, pumps, and controllers can be installed inline with existing water drainage systems to collect and route the water. Sensors inside of water tanks monitor levels and backflow regulators provide controlled flood protection.

Considerations & Planning

A key factor to consider when planning a water collection & storage system is space and location. It’s important to understand where water falls and flows on a property to help determine efficient placement. Available space can also be an important factor when deciding on the size, capacity, and material of storage tanks. Heavier storage tanks, such as those made of concrete, may require a crane to install (and the space required to operate a crane). However, heavier duty tanks can allow for creative placement such as beneath parking areas.

Price & Logistics

Castle Breckenridge recently completed planning and installing a 5,100 gallon capacity system at one of our managed properties. The system consisted of 3x 1,700 gallon tanks, a pressure tank, motors (with three-phase electric power), pumps, backup regulators, and a controller. The system had a reasonable cost of roughly $13,000. While a system like this can typically be installed in about six days, major space constraints and a large amount of soil that had to be moved extended installation time to three weeks.


To hear more about CBM’s recent case study, listen to our podcast episode discussing the experience and tips for implementing your own water collection & storage system:


Water collection & storage systems are a smart and effective solution for modern properties. Not only do they effectively combat the California drought and cut water costs, they are popular and welcomed by homeowners as a step towards better living and a more responsible, smarter community.