Case Study: Sunburst HOA - Rain Harvest System - Castle Breckenridge Management

Case Study: Sunburst HOA – Rain Harvest System



Sunburst Homeowners Association, a property managed by Castle Breckenridge Management (CBM), faced a challenge in finding a solution to flooding in an area of the apartment complex. The raised platform located in between the property’s buildings would flood and dump water at the foot of the buildings, affecting 10-15 units with water issues upon each rainfall. Sunburst HOA was using too many resources to remedy the flood situation and needed to find a more permanent solution. It needed to find a way to drain the water from the raised platform and away from the units affected by the flooding.


Space was the biggest challenge faced when finding a solution to the flooding issue for two reasons. First, CBM needed to find a water storage system that would fit underneath the flood area, yet still be large enough to effectively drain the area. Second, because the area was located in between buildings, the workspace was limited (about 192 square feet of workable space) and could not accommodate large machinery to lift the system into the area. This challenge forced the team to look for a system that was easy to move and install in the space they had, while being large enough so that they wouldn’t have to worry about flooding in the future.


CBM found a harvest and storage system that fit the needs of the property and would solve the flooding issue for good. Three RainHarvest System 1,700 gallon tanks were installed in the space and are expected to never need replacing. They are self-cleaning, but the property has implemented a maintenance schedule to ensure the life of the system. The tanks are designed to collect 5,100 gallons of water which will then be piped into irrigation channels, allowing the property to save water and solve the flooding issue it had.


  • At tank capacity, rainwater replaces potable water for irrigation by 100% for seven months out of the year
  • Full tanks would save the property up to $150 per week
  • Potential annual savings are estimated at $4,200