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Hiring an HOA Management Company

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Hiring an HOA Management Company

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The role of Castle Breckenridge Management is to enforce the community policies, rules, and regulations made by the Board of Directors. Various issues and situations arise regularly that can be difficult for a self-managed association to handle. Castle Breckenridge Management will assign a certified association manager to work directly with your association. He or she will have the experience and training to handle issues professionally and effectively, including day-to-day operations, performing maintenance duties, hiring vendors, and communicating with residents.

When you hire Castle Breckenridge Management, you are reducing the Board’s responsibilities and adding the professional expertise the other board members may not have. All association managers at Castle Breckenridge Management are certified by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) and receive weekly training from our president and CEO, John Kalas, who also teaches classes for CACM and has trained hundreds of managers in San Diego County.

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