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What are the benefits to having a consistent HOA Manager?

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What are the benefits to having a consistent HOA Manager?

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One of the most frequent complaints we get from potential clients who call our office looking for a proposal is that they had a great HOA manager, but then their management company gave them a new person, and the current community manager isn’t measuring up.

HOA managers can make or break an HOA management company. They are what separate the good companies from the inferior ones. They can make a board member’s experience positive or negative. They are the reason you love the company you’re with, are barely tolerating them, or can’t wait to switch. Ultimately, there are several important differences between a great HOA manager and one that’s mediocre at best.

Responsiveness is a key characteristic to look for in your HOA manager. Tier One HOA managers know that customer service largely comes down to responsiveness. They return emails immediately; they answer their phone and/or return phone calls; they want to get people the answers they need.

A great HOA manager also cares about their communities. They want their communities to look good, be safe, and for homeowners, board members, and vendors to all have good relationships with each other. They get upset by the same things that upset board members or homeowners.

Your HOA manager should also defuse situations instead of escalating them. Ideally, they go into every situation trying to defuse any tension, anger, or frustration that might exist. They know how to put people at ease, and help them realize that their HOA or HOA management company isn’t out to get them. They strive to help the board lead their community in a way that creates trust, confidence, and goodwill with homeowners rather than an adversarial relationship.

Training also factors into the effectiveness of your HOA manager. Excellent HOA managers can answer common questions from homeowners and board members. They aren’t novices; they’ve studied local laws and have some experience under their belts. No one knows all the answers, but a good HOA manager knows where to go and who to ask if they don’t have the answer.

Your HOA manager should be working full-time. Some HOA management companies use part-time employees as HOA managers, but a part-time schedule doesn’t provide enough time for the community manager and HOA board to accomplish necessary tasks efficiently.

Finally, your community manager should enjoy their job. Great HOA managers work for great companies; they quit from companies that overload them and have an unhealthy work environment. If you know of several HOA managers who have left your management company, it’s likely that the employees aren’t to blame.

If these qualities do not sound like your HOA manaager, we invite you to submit a proposal request to Castle Breckenridge Management. We have the technology, people, expertise, and infrastructure in place to provide you with the quality services you expect.

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