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Pacific Green Landscape Saves HOA Thousands of Dollars



In 2004, Pacific Green Landscape began working for Westview Neighborhood HOA in Mira Mesa. At the time, water bills for the property including its nine acres of slopes, two acres of planters and half acre of turf were in the ball park of $16,000 a month. “With help from Pacific Green Landscape, we paid only $3,000 last month,” said John Kalas of Castle Breckenridge Management the property manager for the HOA.

With the installation of smart controllers and the use of recycled water, the Westview HOA has reduced its water consumption by about 40 percent and cut water costs in half, according to Kalas. In fact, the 12 month actuals for the cost of water show that the board spent $53,611 in 2011 and only $21,107 for the 2014 fiscal year. These savings have not only allowed the HOA to replace some of the older landscape with more attractive and water-friendly plants, but have enabled Westview HOA to continue operating without raising monthly homeowner dues in a very long time.

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