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Xeriscape Plants Conserve Water and Save Money

It’s no surprise that California is currently facing one of the most severe droughts in history. As San Diego residents, it is crucial we respond to these environmental changes by reducing our consumption of water. The easiest way to save water starts in your own backyard, and making drought-proof changes to your landscape. Xeriscape gardening is a current landscaping trend that is necessary in a place where 90% of our daily water supply is imported. With Xeriscape gardens, you are able to conserve water through creative landscaping of drought-resistant plants, while still enjoying the comfort of your own, beautiful garden.

In California, over 50% of residential water usage is applied to landscape and lawns. Changing to a Xeriscape landscape can reduce up to 75% off landscape water use, saving you time and significant amounts of money on your water bill. The maintenance requirements for Xeriscape gardens are very minimal, and the low watering requirements can be attained with simple irrigation systems. Using plants native to the San Diego area eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Your plants will receive the sufficient nutrients they need through healthy, organic soils. Xeriscape gardens are also pollution-free because there is no need for landscaping tools that use fossil fuels for power. Drought-proof landscapes are becoming much more desired among aspiring real estate owners, so installing one in your backyard can lead to a long-term increase in your property value.


Benefits of Xeriscaping
Benefits of Xeriscaping


There are several great sources in the San Diego area that provide useful information and ways to get involved in conservation. The Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden demonstrates Xeriscape gardens through excellent exhibits and provides programs that promote water conservation and the sustainable use of related natural resources. They offer a variety of fun ways to get involved and educated through classes, events, and volunteer opportunities. The San Diego County Water Authority also provides an informative brochure on the steps to going Xeriscape. You can learn everything you need to get your Xeriscape garden started here.

Contact Castle Breckenridge today to find out what you can do to upgrade your landscape into a drought-resistant oasis. We are a leader in sustainability and are here to help you make the necessary changes to your properties’ landscape. Save yourself money, reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure a positive future for the state of California.

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